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    It’s Friday here in Nigeria west Africa.
    Today I’m going to talk about eating disorders
    Yes we live in a country where some people cannot afford two meals a day, talk less of a square meal. In same country I seen have people spend #10000 on a square. Despite this great gulf of inequality both categories still suffer eating disorders and malnutrition which both adversely affect their health.
    Today I will write on eating disorders
    Eating disorders are serious illness that causes grave disturbances in a persons eating behaviour or pattern.
    Common eating disorders include anorexia nervosa, bulima nervosa and binge-eating.
    Don’t mind the medical gargons.
    Anorexia nervosa simply mean not eating enough food required for your body because the fear of being overweight.
    Bulima nervosa, people have recurrent episode of eating large quantities of food more than their body require and almost immediately after eating such quantity of food they flush their “system” either with laxative, self-induce vomiting or starve themselves with a long fast .
    Binge-eating means uncontrollable excessive desire for food. In this case, it is not in episodes and no flush after eating like in bulima nervosa. It is a life style. For the purpose of this article and prominence I will write more on bulima nervosa and binge-eating
    Causes of eating disorders
    It has a complex cause which range from genetic interactions, to biological, behavioural, psychological and social factors such as depression, low self-esteem, difficulty in relationships and socializing with family and peers.

    Anorexia nervosa, mental state of not eating enough for the body. People with this condition eat restricted meals, they are usually extremely thin, they have relentless pursuit of thinness and they fear gaining weight.
    To be continued in Part 2: medical consequence, treatment options of anorexia nervosa. Also binge-eating.

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