Stress Management

Stress Management

Stress is a state of mental or emotional strain or suspense; it is a difficulty that causes worry or emotional tension. Stress can sometimes be a positive state that compels you to achieve or flee trouble, but medically stress comes with it’s various (negative) impacts on your health.

Are there ways in which we can burst or master stress? Experts say you need to engage in hours of stress relief programmes as part of your daily routine; you need to calm those nerves of yours so you can remain healthy.
1. Healthy Eating
Relax to eat; enjoy your meals and do not rush. Ensure to keep your digestive system in the best possible health by feeding your system with probiotics, and fermented foods. This will aid in nourishing your gut flora with all the important friendly bacteria. This is bound to make your brain function better and put your mood under wonderful control.

2. Take to exercise.
It is a very well known fact that exercise works against stress. Exercise helps to work on a neurotransmitter that has an antidepressant-like effect on your brain. By so doing it actually aids in the reduction of muscle tension.

3. Breathing Mindfully
Most of the time, we do not even know how to breathe properly. Yes, experts say there is a way to breathe; you ought to be more mindful of your breathing. Research shows that consciously focusing on your breathing can change and build up your body’s inbuilt ability to regulating itself both physiologically and bio-energetically because you are able to oxygenate your body more appropriately. It also leads to properly situating both your internal and energetic balance.
4. Be active, doing what gives you satisfaction.
Take out time to engage in hobbies you love; sometimes play like a child, just enjoying yourself. This helps to eliminate stress as your mind is tuned away to other things and making life more worth living.

5. Take a break, find time to meditate.
Now, this is not common in some parts of the world. You can simply take out about 10minutes of sitting quietly and shutting out the world, and confusion around you; it will enable you to relax. Find some quiet moment, put on some soothing music and reflect. It will go a long way to reduce the feeling of stress and uneasiness within you.

6. Be Positive
Do not be a drag, open yourself up to learning techniques that will engender pleasant and wonderful health. Be optimistic always, learn gratitude and avoid all forms of negative self talks – they lead to depression. Research has also shown that people who are positive minded tend to live longer than negatively inclined.

7. Be connected
Staying alone can be one thing, but being lonely is a different and serious issue; it can give rise to stress. So try linking up with people around you such as family, friends, colleagues, etc. Sometimes just a simple chat while shopping can have a great impact. It is good to interact with people who have similar interest also, go ahead attend events or community activities, and meetings.
8. Draw close to nature
Try strolling in nature or gardens so you can draw in a full measure of the fresh oxygen that plants would dish out to you. Being outdoor and spending time in nature would naturally sap away your stress. Studies prove that living within nature’s green environment lowers your levels of stress hormone called cortisol, while your mood is equally boosted.

By Morgan Nwagunma


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